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Gladstone Scout Group


Trustee Paddy O'Brien presents a cheque to Gladstone Scout Group to replace spouting on their hall. Last year ILT Foundation also provided funding to help install heatpumps and new curtains.

ILT Foundation is proud to help this community group stay warm and dry!

ILT Foundation making a difference in our community with Presbyterian Support Services

On a daily basis the Presbyterian Support Service staff see people from all walks of life, trying to cope with life’s challenges, unemployment, poverty, family disputes and mental illness to name a few. Funding provided by ILT Foundation helps them to work alongside parents to make changes in their lives and their children’s.

"ILT Foundation generously supports us with  the Family Works Parenting Programme, Dedicated Intake Service and Social Work Support, and quite honestly we would find it difficult to sustain current service levels without their support, that of the community and our other funders."

Family Works exists and has grown in response to social needs in the community - it belongs to the community.  ILT Foundation have an important role to play in working along side groups in our community and it is important that funding from the ILT Foundation goes directly to assisting families such as this client who said, “working with Family Works…has given me strength and courage to step up as a parent”.


St John and the ILT Foundation: Our AEDs Help Save Lives

St John and The ILT Foundation are continuing to work together for the Invercargill
community through the life-saving provision of community automated external
defibrillators (AEDs).

St John has recently received $28,200 from the Foundation to replace pads and
batteries for the 76 AEDs which were paid for by the ILT Foundation and installed in
the community.  Training in use of the AEDs is included in this.

It is important for St John and the ILT Foundation to be updating the equipment.  The number of AEDs in the Invercargill community is one of the reasons for the city recently being named a Heart Safe community.

Dr Watts who is Clinical Director at Southland Hospital Emergency Department,
has found many instances where use of one of the AEDs has been
lifesaving, and they have also been used in situations where the patients saved were
young and have returned to full, active and productive lives.

Dr Watts says, "Clearly not only these survivors but their families and the local
community as a whole have benefited from this. The cost of the initial placement and
training and the subsequent battery replacement and servicing is in our opinion
money very well spent."